Tuesday, July 17, 2007

A happy beginning....

Jake has arrived at his new forever home:
Jake is doing great. He was a little unsure of things
at our house for the fisrt day or so but he is
adjusting nicely. He is beginning to settle into a
nice routine with the family. He has been minding
nicely and we haven't had any problems to speak of.
The biggest problem that we have had to date is when
we take him out to use the bathroom, he almost
immediately goes on point since we have so many birds
in the trees along our property. I always feel bad
having to pull him off point to use the bathroom!! The
boys can't get enough of him and they sure do like
giving him treats. If I get some photos, I will
forward them to you. Thanks again for all that you do
and have done for the pointers.


Waiting to go home...

Jake is adopted!!!
He spend the last few days preparing himself to be the best buddy to two boys that await him in his new home in Indianapolis. Here he's hanging out with his foster mommy's nephews.

Wednesday, June 6, 2007


Jake and Katie are good buddies!

Jake absolutely LOVES to explore the outside and always wears a smile!

Jake's hide & seek game

Jake has gone into the excavation business---he's digging huge holes. He can now totally disappear in one of them. I was calling him today and started to wonder where he went when I saw the tip of his tail sticking out of the hole just before his head popped up.

Sunday, May 27, 2007

Happy Jake!

Jake is quite the hunter and such a good boy in the house. He is one of the happiest dogs I've ever been around. We have been playing fetch and he has his own little stuffed bear now that has kept it's stuffing for over 3 days!!

Jake the big time snuggle champion!

If there is one thing Jake is getting very good at, it's couch time.

Those are his skinny legs sticking up from his favorite snuggling place.

He loves to lay upside down and give big kisses on your chin and to have his belly rubbed.

Tuesday, May 8, 2007


If there is one thing Jake is getting very good at, it's couch time. Those are his skinny legs sticking up from his favorite snuggling place. He loves to lay upside down and give big kisses on your chin and to have his belly rubbed.

Tuesday, May 1, 2007


I was cleaning crates this weekend - washing blankets, vacuuming them out etc. and when I removed Jake's blanket there was no less than 25 cookies hidden in the blanket. I guess he is hiding them for when he needs them. This is funny because he gets a treat and runs off with it, then comes back for another. I thought he was eating them.


Not quite sure what I am fishing for...but...the water feels great!


Josh and Jake are playing together exceptionally well. It is just adorable.

Last night was everybody run all over the house night cuz it's cold out there and mom's tired night. I think they were more tired than when we play outside.

Jake was tired of waiting for his treat this morning and got it from my right hand, amazingly he only got his treat. I was looking for him to get him to his crate and he was on the couch with his treat being very happy. This from a dog who wouldn't get on the couch when he first got to the palace.

Wednesday, April 25, 2007


I need your help! I have lived at the Pointer Palace for a long time! I am really happy to share my mom, my house, my field. my toys and my food with all of these foster dogs! BUT...I just get so tired trying to keep up with those young whipper snappers! My buddy Jake is a great dog! I'm sure you would love him! Maybe you could come over and meet him or some of the otheres? Then...I can take a long nap in the dandelions!


WOW! We actually have a private landing strip for birds! I can't believe that someone built a concrete runway to lead the birds to us. We will just sit here and wait for them to land! YOu know what they say...If you build it they will come!

My foster mom seems to think it's just a bridge... She tried telling us that the bridge was built by the mining company to replace one that was very much not like this one. This one has steel beams and concrete, the old one was two planks. We have no idea what they were thinking since it is in the middle of a corn field across a small creek. Uncle Bob who is in his 70's painted the yellow stripe down the middle.

Like I said...bird runway!


In case you are wondering, I'm the dog that's in the lead! Nice rear end, huh?


I love playtime in the fenced yard. BUT...the field is so much cooler!


The only thing better than a tired birddog is a bunch of tired birddogs!


Jake is doing wonderful and we are practicing sitting. I promised him that we would see how he likes the shotgun this week and he is very excited about it. Probably because Katie told him that the shotgun equals FUN.

I succeeded in wearing out all 7 of them out this past week. Saturday morning I had everyone in the yard and they all went over to the shade tree, layed down and rolled in the grass then layed there looking at me with HUGE grins on their faces.


What a great dog!! He sticks around in the yard and has the most beautiful point. He has been pointing the two pigeons that decided to move in over the weekend. It is beautiful with the rigid tail and the foot up. When we come in after playing outside, he runs straight to the couch and stands there with the biggest grin and his tail going 90 miles and hour. I believe I have succeeded in teaching him that the house is his too.

Thursday, April 19, 2007


Yesterday morning, my foster brothers Buck and Eightball joined me in a fun game. We played "Catch Buck"! I knew that Eightball would figure out that I am a cool dog. I guess he liked my game because he helped me chase Buck! We ran all around the yard, weaving through trees and running circles around the gazebo! We spent 15 minutes running and barking! I think Eightball had a blast! I know I did!


Before we walk to the creek everyone is required to come sit and wait for the OK to go. I don't believe that Jake was ever taught to sit before now. I read something once about old school training and not teaching bird dogs to sit. Last night everyone was sitting except Jake. I just stood there and gave the command again and he looked at the other dogs and sat down and looked up at me with his hind end wiggling and tail thumping. And the crowd ROARED!

Wednesday, April 18, 2007


Jake is busy just being Jake. This boy just loves to play! We are still working on taking treats gently! He is fitting in perfectly at the Pointer Palace!

Tuesday, April 10, 2007


Jake is just a bud. He stays with me or returns to me as soon as I call him now and loves belly rubs on the couch. Last night he rolled over on his back spread eagle with his mouth wide open and snuck a couple of pointer kisses in every time I talked to him.

Jake is fabulous. He sticks around better and has not been on a walk-about since Thursday night. Yesterday at the creek he went in and got his feet wet!! There is no more coughing and his ears look and smell great now. He really wants to be a couch potato and immediately turns upside down for a belly rub. He is playing with my dogs well and shares the couch with Katie. Jake does not chase Sassy the pointer wanna-be and would do well with small dogs also.


Jake is really doing great. I actually had to coax him up on the couch and then he gave me about 20 pointer kisses in a row. The more he gets treated like a member of the family the happier he acts and he is so affectionate and grateful. He will do well with a family and I will kid test him on my nephews this weekend. The only issues we've had (other than 8Ball who has issues with all boys) is he goes straight to his dish and starts eating any time one of the dogs gets near his food but no growling and last night Katie sat in the big water dish while he was trying to get a drink and he growled at her. She got out, he got a drink and everything was fine.

Friday, April 6, 2007


Howdy! Jake here again - Foster Mom took me to work with her and then we went to Petco yesterday. I don't know why she complains about going to that place called work - I had so much fun!! There is a big yard there with lots of birds and a couple of squirrels. She would not let me chase the squirrels, but I pointed the robins for her. She says I'm handsome. I'd never been to a Petco it was sooo much fun. I sniffed all the bins full of chew toys and tried to shoplift a pig ear, but Foster Mom said no. She did let me pick out a nice green harness so I can learn to walk on the leash with her and I went to the bathroom on some greeting cards up by the cash register. The cashier said it happens all the time - I think we should buy some of those cards.
When you care enough to send the very best...

This morning I got to run around the yard with no leash before Foster Mom went to work. I was so grateful to her that I ran out aways and then came back to her to say thanks about 5 times. My foster brother Buck and I are starting to be friends and we will get to play together soon, but my foster brother Eightball hates me. I think he is jealous because Foster Mom plays with me too. We will talk about it today and maybe I can get him to understand that he just has to share her for a little while.


Howdy - My name is Jake. My owner passed away and I ended up at the shelter because there was noone to take care of me. A really nice guy named Mark came and picked me up Friday and took me for a ride to a place called Pointer Palace. Katie and Jesse came out to greet me first, then Buck and Eightball. I like Jesse and Buck, they are pretty friendly, but Eightball just ignored me. I think that Katie and I will be great friends - she's a pretty little hoochy momma. Then my foster mom and I took a big walk down the lane, across the corn field, through the hay field to the road and back to the house. She kept saying that I'm a "Birdy Boy" and she smiles when she says it so it must be good. She also took a lot of pictures of me because I'm so handsome.

I got my own water dish, my own food and my very own bed. Foster Mom also gave me some great tasting cookies that she keeps in her pockets. Foster Mom's fingers taste pretty good too, but she says that I need to learn to leave the fingers and only take the cookies. Saturday morning Foster Mom got us up really early for breakfast and then we all took a nap while she went to the auction for a couple of hours. When she got home I got to ride in the truck and we went to get something called pizza. I still don't know what a pizza is because she would not give me any.

Foster mom put up some more fence panels and I get to play with her without the leash now and I can lay in the grass and scoot along on my belly. The grass is cool and it feels soooo good. I got my ears cleaned and my toenails clipped this afternoon. I don't think I've ever had my ears cleaned before, but it does really feel good to have them rubbed after the cleanser is in. My nails look pretty good now - they were really long like a girly girl, but now I look pretty masculine according to Katie. Katie must really like my nails because she took a walk to the creek with me on Sunday morning. Foster Mom has one of those E Collars like I've seen worn before, but she doesn't hurt me with it. A couple of times it went "beep beep" and I went to see her - do you know what she did?? She made a big fuss over me and told me what a good dog I am and then said OK and let me run some more. There a birds at the creek!! Pheasant and Quail. When we were done playing, we all got treats and now I am getting very sleepy......


How did I end up here? I know I was a good boy and that I was loved so much. I can't find my owner anywhere! Someone said my owner passed away and there isn't anyone to take care of me! I'm so scared!